Gevalia "Swedenism Pitch"

In Sweden, there are several moments in every day in which absolutely everyone pauses for a coffee break. No coffee is required, but everyone stops what they're doing and enjoys the good in life for a few moments uninterrupted. This is called "Fika," and we've captured this in a game we created for coffeemaker Gevalia called "Swedenism." Built on the Zynga platform, the "Swedenism" game rewards users just for playing the game. And thus, in playing "Swedenism", users have found a way to be a bit Swedish themselves: to take a "Fika" and revel in the joie d'vivre.

At its simplest, you are building a dreamscape colonyof bookshops and music cafes and other places of leisure. Like other Zynga games such as Cityville, these are built cooperatively. Unlike its peers, however, "Swedenism" pulls from other social data to generate a depth and personal touch lacking in the other games. For example, if a neighbor visits Joe User's bookshop, he could see books Joe User is reading in real life. And though other games offer an ability to amass game money, "Swedenism" allows its players to additionally earn real rewards such as Gevalia coffee coupons and more.

Gevalia "Ticket"

Willy Wonka may have issued the first golden ticket but not the last. The Gevalia tickets rewarded recipients with coupons and for the fortunate few, a vacation to Sweden to indulge in true "Swedenism."

Gevalia "Swedenism Rich Media"