BlueCross BlueShield "HealthMap"

The "HealthMap" app was a mobile service that allowed users to share and rank the very best places to lead a healthy lifestyle by Type (i.e. running routes, snowboarding mountains, organic restaurants) and by Audience (i.e. families, adrenaline lovers, vegetarians). The app was the first one-stop, healthy lifestyle application in a sea of one-note peers like Nike Plus, and the user curation guaranteed data that was unbiased, democractic, and above all else, useful. And the best part? It was brought to you by BlueCross BlueShield, but no direct advertising was employed.

BlueCross BlueShield "Town Hall Series"

The "Town Hall Series" was an online consumer feedback panel to break down the wall between big healthcare and the everyman.

BlueCross BlueShield "Californnovation"

What if the state's best minds were asked to think about the biggest health problems of today? And what if the money allocated to solve these problems was controlled by the masses rather than big, corporate interests? What if we made a website that did exactly that?